Montage-LZ’s HD Decoder SoC supporting Microsoft PlayReady SL3000 has been successfully mass-produced

Date Released: 2023-01-19

In 2022, several major operators have purchased set-top boxes using Montage LZ’s HD decoder SoC, Symphony4. All the mass-produced models have adopted the Microsoft PlayReady SL3000 DRM security mechanism that Symphony4 has passed in 2021, to provide powerful security protection for Premium Content in stream play and OTT applications.

Microsoft PlayReady is currently a widely used DRM technology for streaming media, and SL3000 represents its highest level of security protection. Symphony4 supports all security features required by SL3000, including the authorization and decryption of network streaming media in various formats (such as MPEG-DASH and HLS), Secure Media Path, Output Control, Key History, Secure Time, Secure Storage, Anti-Rollback and other functions. It is also fully compliant with the Compliance and Robustness Rules of PlayReady SL3000. Symphony4 is able to support Subscription, Pay-Per-View, Rent, Purchase, Ad-based and other businesses, and provide multiple security levels and hardware protection for assets, clients and keys through EME with the anti-piracy function.

Symphony4 is an epoch-making product launched by Montage LZ for the HDTV market. It integrates various advanced audio and video decoding technologies, as well as powerful CPU performance, to help customers provide high-quality audio and video. The chip also has built in an industry-leading security engine, and has successfully passed the certification of many authoritative CAS vendors at home and abroad, such as Nagra, Irdeto, Verimatrix, etc. Since it went to market in 2021, Symphony4 has received wonderful market response in both the retail market and the operator market, setting a new milestone for Montage LZ in the global PayTV market.

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