Montage-LZ’s HD Decoder SoC Passed Verimatrix ViewRight Certification

Date Released: 2022-06-21

June 21, 2022, Montage-LZ’s new generation of high-definition decoder SoC, Symphony4, passed ViewRight certification of Verimatrix, a worldwide famous CA company. Symphony4 has so far successfully obtained the security certificates from the Top3 CA companies (Verimatrix, NAGRA and Irdeto) in the world, to provide powerful security protection for Premium Content.

Symphony4 is an epoch-making product launched by Montage-LZ for the HDTV market. It has passed Verimatrix AS+ certification, including VideoMark function based on Symphony4’s hardware watermarking technology, which can effectively protect the content copyright. For higher level content protection requirements, Symphony4 offers Secured Video Path to protect content transmission channel. Symphony4’s turnkey software solution has completed the pre-integration of Verimatrix AS+ system. Users can verify Verimatrix SDK through certified test case. The pre-integration can effectively reduce customer’s CA integration workload, thereby shortening the development cycles.

The chip also combines various advanced audio and video decoding technologies, as well as powerful CPU performance, to help customers fulfill the demand of high-quality audio and video.

Symphony4 has been well accepted by both the retail market and the operator market since it was introduced to the markets in 2021. With the Top3 CAS certificates in hand, Symphony4 product line has been perfecting so as to lay a solid foundation for its marketing and future performance.

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