Grand Opening of the Montage-Valley Innovation and Technology Park

Date Released: 2021-03-22

March 22, 2021, Chengdu, China — Grand opening of the Montage-Valley Innovation and Technology Park was held in the Chengdu IC Valley, Shuangliu District, Chengdu. Members from the government, Chengdu IC Valley, and China Electronics Corporation gathered together to witness this monumental moment.

After an inspirational countdown, the opening ceremony officially began. Chairman of Montage LZ technologies, Shawn Si, gave a speech to welcome all the guests and partners. He thanked Shuangliu District government and Chengdu IC Valley for their great support, and praised the builders for their pursuit of excellence in the construction process. Chairman Si also stated that the completion of the Montage-Valley Innovation and Technology Park would be a pivotal drive for the continuing fast growth of the company, and it would be also an important milestone of Montage LZ strategic expansion in Chengdu.

Chief of Chengdu IC Valley Development Service Bureau, Xie Shuang, gave a speech for congratulations: “As a leading enterprise, Montage LZ will attract upstream and downstream enterprises of its industrial chain into the Montage-Valley. The Chengdu IC Valley will forge an optimized industrial ecology, so that the valley will become an origin and hub for the IC industry innovations.” Chief Xie also praised Montage LZ for its accomplishment since the inception, appreciated its contribution to the regional development, and wished Montage LZ greater success to become the high-tech icon of Shuangliu district and even the whole city.

The Montage-Valley Innovation and Technology Park is located in the center of the Innovation City in the Chengdu IC Valley, surrounded by a well-developed transportation network, mature high-tech industries, top universities and institutes. It has a total land area of 50,900 square meters and a total construction area of 92,000 square meters, consisting of a twin-building headquarter, a research tower, and 7 independent office buildings.

As an important part of the Innovation City in the Chengdu IC Valley, the Montage-Valley is positioned to be a modern, high-tech, and innovative industry park. It embodies the concepts of innovation, ecology, environment protection, greenness, healthiness, and sharing, built to be a modern and intelligentized benchmark for commerce and research clusters. Designed to be a smart information R&D and industry base, the Montage-Valley aims to host the high-tech enterprises in electronics and modern ICs, by providing supporting infrastructure and services and creating open and sharing atmosphere, thus helping the residents become stronger and better.

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