Montage LZ Technologies Won "China IC Unicorn 2019"

Date Released: 2020-08-27

August 27, 2020 - World Semiconductor Conference 2020 was held in Nanjing. Montage LZ Technologies (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. won "China IC Unicorn 2019" on the conference with its innovative technologies and outstanding market performance.

During the conference, semiconductor experts, government officials, and press media gathered together to discuss industry innovation, entrepreneurial opportunities, and IC technologies. The "China IC Unicorn" award is an affirmation of Montage LZ's outstanding achievements in the TV broadcasting network. It is also the industry's recognition of Montage LZ's original intention that insists technical innovation as the core drive.

As the foundation and core of the information industry, the IC industry has grown rapidly in recent years, generating a number of "Unicorn" enterprises with advanced technical innovation and market competitiveness. "The 3rd IC Unicorn 2019" appraisal lasts for two months. At the end, 24 out of 200 enterprises were selected as Unicorn enterprises, among which 8 enterprises renewed their titles of 2018 and 16 are new unicorn enterprises.

About Montage LZ Technologies

Montage LZ Technologies is an industry leading fabless semiconductor IC provider focusing on intelligent home entertainment market. The company offers highly integrated and flexibly customized STB solutions for DVB/IPTV/OTT applications. Based on its cutting-edge technology platform and solid background in STB industry, Montage LZ is able to deliver optimized total solutions for evolving demand in home entertainment through continuous innovation, efficient operation and outstanding product quality.

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