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Terrestrial Products

Montage LZ provides DVB-T2/T and DTMB compliant total solutions for terrestrial set-top boxes. The DVB-T2/T solutions are advanced CA-enabled with high stability and adaptability, enabling the operators to deliver high-performance and easy-to-deploy terrestrial TV service to customers. The DTMB solutions have excellent system reliability and reception performance, even in harsh environments. They are dedicated for China and other emerging markets covered by DTMB broadcasting signals.Terrestrial Product List

Terrestrial Solutions

Standard-definition STB High-definition STB

"M88TC6800 + M88TS6011 + M88CT6001-S" Total Solution (DVB-T2/T/S2/S/C, H.264/MPEG-4/MPEG-2/AVS , CA)

This is a dual tuner solution for DVB-T2/S2 HD STB. It consists of a DVB-T2/T/C tuner M88TC6800, a DVB-S2/S tuner M88TS6011 and an H.264/MPEG-4/MPEG-2/AVS HD decoder SoC M88CT6001-S with embedded DVB-T2/T/S2/S/C demodulator. The solution supports advanced CA system and contains comprehensive peripherals to minimize the BOM cost. This well-proven and high-performance solution enables easy design-in to various HDTV platforms for FTA and Pay-TV markets.

"M88TC6800 + M88DM6000 + M88VS8005-S" Total Solution (DVB-T2/T, H.264/MPEG-4-/MPEG-2/AVS/AVS+, CA)

This is a highly integrated and advanced security CA-enabled HD STB solution for the terrestrial Pay-TV market. The solution consists of a silicon tuner M88TC6800, a multi-standard demodulator M88DM6000 and an advanced HD decoder SoC M88VS8005-S. With high performance and rich features, the solution has been widely adopted by the customers around the world.

"M88TC6800 + M88DD6301 + M88VS8005-S" One-way HD STB Total Solution (DTMB, AVS+/AVS/H.264/MPEG-4/MPEG-2, CA)

This is a highly cost-effective DTMB STB solution dedicated for the one-way HDTV market. The solution consists of a DTMB tuner M88TC6800, a 3rd-generation DTMB demodulator of Montage LZ - M88DD6301, and an VC1/AVS+/AVS/H.264/MPEG-4/MPEG-2 multi-standard decoder SoC M88VS8005-S. With its lower price comparable to the existing SD solutions in the market, this HD solution has well proven performance advantages, especially in handling of multi-path, ultra-long echo and weak signal, thus making it an ideal choice for the customers in the HD DTMB market.

Terrestrial Product List

Standard Front-End Decoder
Tuner Demodulator Receiver SD Decoder HD Decoder UHD Decoder
DVB-T2 M88TC6800
DTMB M88TC6800

Note: To simplify the display of product information, if a product supports two or more standards, it is shown in the highest standard row/column only. For example, if the demodulator supports DVB-T2 and DVB-T standards, it is shown in the DVB-T2 row only.
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