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Satellite Products

Montage LZ's complete range of semiconductor solutions for satellite set-top boxes are designed based on the company's industry leading satellite front-end technology, feature-rich and matured decoder SoC and highly reliable, customized software. The company's strong capability of end-to-end integration has enabled one-stop total solution and service for the emerging satellite markets worldwide.Satellite Product List

Satellite Solutions

Standard-definition STB High-definition STB

M88CS5016 Single-chip Total Solution (DVB-S, CA, On-chip SDRAM)

M88CS5016 is Montage LZ’s 3rd-generation DVB-S 3-in-1 decoder SoC with on-chip SDRAM for satellite standard-definition set-top boxes (STB). The chip integrates all necessary STB functions from front-end to back-end into one package, thus greatly reduces design difficulty, BOM cost, and time to market for the customers. Combined with the stable, customized software, the chip enables the most cost-effective solution for the satellite FTA and Pay-TV applications.

"M88TS6011 + M88CS8001 (-S/T)” Total Solution (DVB-S2, CA)

This solution consists of a DVB-S2/S Tuner M88TS6011 and an HD Decoder SoC with DVB-S2/S Demodulator, M88CS8001 (-S/T). With 64 Mb/ 128 Mb on-chip memory, M88CS8001 (-S/T) can meet different application requirements. The performance of the chipset has been widely proven in a variety of demanding situations. It’s an ideal solution for the HD STB manufacturers in satellite FTA and Pay-TV markets.

"M88TS6011 + M88CS8002" Total Solution (DVB-S2, CA)

This solution consists of a DVB-S2/S tuner M88TS6011 and an advanced HD decoder SoC with DVB-S2/S demodulator, M88CS8002. M88CS8002 is highly integrated with TQFP package. The chipset has comprehensive peripherals including Ethernet MAC interface to offer an ideal HD set-top box solution for Wi-Fi or various local area network applications in FTA and high-end Pay-TV markets.

Satellite Product List

Standard Front-End Decoder
Tuner Demodulator Receiver SD Decoder HD Decoder UHD Decoder
DVB-S2X M88DS6103
DVB-S2 M88TS6011
M88CS8001 (-S/T)
DVB-S M88RS2000

Note: To simplify the display of product information, if a product supports two or more standards, it is shown in the highest standard row/column only. For example, if the demodulator supports DVB-S2X, DVB-S2 and DVB-S standards, it is shown in the DVB-S2X row only.
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