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M88DC2800 - DVB-C Demodulator

M88DC2800 is a single-chip QAM demodulator that supports 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256-QAM signals. The device is fully compliant with DVB-C and ITU-T J83 annex A/C specifications. Together with a cable tuner, the M88DC2800 provides a digital front-end solution for compressed television, sound and data services over cable.

The M88DC2800 accepts IF signals from the tuner and outputs MPEG-2 transport streams to the decoder. It performs all necessary demodulation and FEC (Forward Error Correction) functions for recovery of QAM modulated bit streams. The integration of A/D converter, programmable gain amplifier, internal supply regulator and reference generator reduces external components and saves BOM cost.

The M88DC2800 offers strong echo mitigation and symbol timing offset mitigation as well as carrier suppression. The device is controlled via a 2-wire bus. The device is operated from a single 3.3 V power supply and the power consumption is only 180 mW at 7.2 MSymbol/s.



Fully compliant with DVB-C and ITU J83 A/C specifications

16, 32, 64, 128 and 256-QAM supported

Symbol rates of 0.87 Mbaud to 9 Mbaud

On-chip 10-bit A/D converter for direct IF applications

Integrated BER and SNR indicators for signal quality monitoring

Internal supply regulator and reference generator to reduce BOM cost

Fully configurable MPEG-TS output pins to optimize PCB board layout

Digital CMOS technology, 3.3 V power supply

Low power consumption: 180 mW at 7.2 MSymbol/s

Green package: 64-pin LQFP

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